Why Did You Buy This Book Filled With Pictures of Some Weird Girl, Dad? Did You Think I Would Be Into This? Why Didn’t You Just Get Me a Gift Card?

This is an entry for Chronicle Books’ search for the next great blog-based humor book.


Synopsis: How do we use clothes? As shields? As rapier? As art? As form signifying content? As mere necessity? As bourgeois aspiration, or as a refusal of such? A mysterious artist known only as Gowns takes pictures of herself doing errands, because she has no functions to attend, no street photographers who have stopped her while she does errands, and no money. She uploads her pictures to fashion sites, where her routine tasks performed in sweatpants interrupt the flow of commodity fetishism. Her blank gaze suggests that there is no aspirational future — the idea of progress is a lie. Look upon her average frame. She is the everywoman. She is us all.


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