how does it feel? to be a girl who likes girls in a long-term relationship with a boy?

“do you feel like you’re missing out?”

  • everything is missing, everything, everything is missing everything.
  • there is always an edge.
  • i am so often full, i rarely see the edge,

it is not a problem. not really. it is cake vs. pie, where i prefer pie and am ideologically positioned towards pie. and yet, i have a great cake, and lots of other food besides, so although i sometimes think of pie, write about pie, and think and feel in a pie-way, i’d be fine if i “had” to stick with this great cake indefinitely.

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    reverse those genders and you have my lifedudes are gr8 but girls are cute too and these days I seem to get in more...
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    Benji I’m sorry that I agree with this analogy and have just mentally equated you to cake.. It would be layered gf vegan...
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