i am terrified of men but i need male approval the way plants need water. i want to be a writer but all i do is sleep and watch tv. i rarely leave my room. i long for my childhood. what do i do?

  • leave ur room (15 minute walks are very nice)
  • get a therapist — go on a google search and find one in your area and within your price range, many have sliding scales
  • and try reading a book or writing while u watch tv. it’s easier than u think. start with doodling, it is very good and therapeutic. just keep a notepad by the tv. doodles may lead to scribbles. don’t write a book. get that pressure off of you, you don’t have to Write a Thing. just scribble out any little idea or word that pops into your head
  1. blackfemdomdotcom said: idc abt my childhood tho
  2. imalreadyoverthis said: For finding therapists, try your med insurance’s database for people on your plan, or you can narrow down searches on psychologytoday.com to get exactly what you want. Or try your local college counseling center to get referrals in your area.
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