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highereducation replied to your photo: Shaving my legs in a Lanvin dress (by Rebecca A.)

how often do people in southern california shave their legs? speaking as an inhabitant of sweden, i find this interesting. i can’t imagine what it would be like to have full leg exposure 52 weeks a year. ps. this series is great.

haha i was thinking about this all morning

the ideal that’s pushed forward in southern california is definitely a “beach-ready bikini  body,” complete with all-over wax or shave (or even laser hair-removal!). but i’m not sure how many people aim for that, because southern california is very diverse. people in beverly hills might keep as hairless as possible, while people in the inland empire would care less; people in parts of orange county are vain, but other parts are subsumed by immigrant populations that have their own standards of beauty. you have hippie feminist indie types walking side-by-side with yuppies and surfers and actresses (film actresses would be more likely to shave for the job, and boho theatre actresses would be less likely) — it’s hard to say

and then, people do wear shorts a lot but they also wear jeans and leggings because we’re more sensitive to temperatures below 65 degrees F

i guess to answer your question, whoever is more likely to wear makeup is more likely to shave their legs, and that includes feminine people of all genders; and also certain atheletes and people of certain other professions that have to maintain an image

i myself have just gone a few weeks without shaving my legs, and i wore shorts constantly, and the hair got thinner and bleached a bit by the sun. i could have gone the whole summer hairy but i kept thinking about staging that picture and it made me laugh, so now my calves are hair-free