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can you explain more about the nice people/good people thing?


it’s just that nice is different than good

many people try to obfuscate their motives to others (and often to themselves) by just trying super hard to be nice, without any critical thought about morality, humanity, what is the actual “good” thing to do. being a good person goes beyond smiling and giving an extra dollar to a homeless person

a common (neo-)liberal fantasy is that we can just be nice nice nice and that will fix everything, even if we need to go to work, even if we need to go to battle. we’ll just be nice, smile smile, “i love black people, one of my best friends is a black people” — without any thought into the conditions of race / blackness — “i love the gays, and i’ll donate to them if they want” — without any thought to the lives of gay people, and all the people that fall in-between

no one wants to think of themselves as a bad person; “if we try to be nice, maybe we’ll be good.” there’s no reason to not be nice, of course, but just being nice doesn’t make you good. (and imagining that you would be a GOOD slaveowner in the 19th century in america is a wild fantasy) — we must come to terms with ourselves, admit the bad, confess, don’t fool yourself. you have an infinite capability to be good but you won’t reach it just with a pitying smile to the world’s oppressed