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janeavrils replied to your post: Alternatively, I always dream about bathrooms…

up until I was 17 I used to have recurring dreams about public executions, particularly hangings. I would think that the amusement park is about feeling like you’re having your feelings / reactions dictated to you, if that makes sense.


it sort of does make sense…from an objective standpoint. i think all dreams should be analyzed as deeply personal and subjective, person to person, because that’s what they are; even dreams with common symbols, like teeth falling out, or looking down and realizing you’re naked, are totally different person to person, upbringing to upbringing, time/place to time/place

dreams about amusement parks make sense to me, because i went to amusement parks all the time as a kid. they’ve stuck in my brain… because it’s a unique experience. they say that the things that happen to you when you’re a kid that come out of left field, or with not enough explanation, stick with you forever — as phobias, turn-ons, ticks, anxieties, sense of humor, etc. and dreams!

what can prepare you for an amusement park? living in california, we had disneyland, knott’s berry farm, universal studios, county fairs. so, besides the county fairs, those are all very thematic. thematic rides and environments, to this day, tap into a sensitive part of my brain. it’s very difficult for me to determine what’s real and not real. if there’s simulated danger or death, like on indiana jones, splash mountain, mr. toad, snow white, haunted mansion, there’s almost nothing i or anyone else can say that can convince me that it’s not real. they’re living dreams

i have a vivid imagination, and, my parents took advantage of that by telling me that everything that happened to me at amusement parks was real. and i really can’t tell, when i’m presented with images and sound and feelings, if it’s real or not real. it feels real. it’s happening to me

there is a thin line between dreams and waking life for me. my dreams are very tactile. never lucid. always vivid

when i dream about being in an amusement park, i feel like it’s an unconscious vision of “i can’t go on, i’ll go on”