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Brenda Holloway - I'll Be Alright

brenda holloway - i’ll be alright


rufus thomas - breakdown (1972)

the friendliest concert footage

the best concert outfits

barabra randolph - barabra randolph (1967)

another favorite (i put it on a mix last year). the sound is unbeatable


precious precious - jackie moore

one of my favorite songs


brenda holloway - all i do is think about you

i listened to brenda holloway over and over again in the spring/summer of 2010. beautiful voice with fantastic motown production. i love the chord progression of this one, it really gets under my skin


since you been gone - little janice

the days are getting shorter, and the nights are getting longer!


al green - i wanna hold your hand

makes me smile

+ the guy at the beginning that says “shut up al green”


"i want a boy for my birthday" by the cookies

the cookies are really fantastic and it’s hard to find stuff by them or about them, and that’s a shame. i think i’ll do a post about them at some point