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walkonheads replied to your post: signed up for RCIA 201 improv class …

what’s a brainmap?

oh just like brainstorming for an essay, but there’s no prompt and no set ends

sort of word-association on paper to see where your head is at, things that you’re thinking about or have read about recently (mine started with “thanks” and ended in simone weil and flannery o’connor because i’ve been thinking a lot about them, and dreams and symbols, because i watched “el topo” and read alison bechdel’s latest book)

matt had me do it because he wants me to write a monologue (like spalding gray, a one-person 30 to 60 minute show) and i admire his confidence in me. i need to write more. the usual protest with myself is “but you don’t have anything to write about yet” or “you’re not good enough yet” or “you need to learn more, you are so weak and dumb” but the only way i’ll end up writing something when i have something is to get into the habit of writing every day, even if it’s not good yet.